Serving Rhode Island & Connecticut
Serving Rhode Island & Connecticut
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RI (401)322-8096 • CT (860)447-1567

Athletic fields and parks usually require high pressure, rugged lawn sprinkler systems to maintain the property and plant life and ensure a trouble free water delivery system. Shoreline Lawn Sprinklers designs and installs systems for athletic fields of all kinds including stadium fields of all sizes and open fields used for general purpose athletics. When it comes to parks we design our lawn sprinkler system to ensure all the plant life is given the ideal amount of water without inflicting damage. Our services include…

  • Bubbler Nozzles
  • Specialty Nozzles
  • Fixed Nozzles
  • Adjustable Nozzles
  • Rotary Sprinklers
  • Spray Sprinklers
  • Valves
  • Central Control Systems
  • Weather Sensors
  • Micro Irrigation Systems